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GoDigital Dental is a leading dental lab dedicated to using the very latest innovations in software and digital manufacturing to create the very best work for our clients.
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The Lab

Combining technology with our award winning technicians gives the very best quality and consistency our dentists expect. Our digital workflow platform allows our customers to track progress 24/7 and get an instant delivery date at the click of a button.

Supplying you with technology and exceptional levels of training to ensure we are able to deliver consistency every time.

Utilising the latest Digital technology, our platform allows us to reproduce your patient’s dentition through algorithms which accurately copy the patient’s tooth morphology.

All work is completed by qualified and GDC registered dental technicians and our quality control protocols which follow DAMAS, a third party annually audited quality assurance scheme, ensure accuracy every time.

Digital Partnership

We Make It Easy...

Many dentists are put off by the perceived complexity of new workflow practices and training time needed to make full use of a digital scanner.

In response to these challenges GODIGITAL have introduced a digital partnership programme to provide training and on-going support as part of a long term partnership with our lab.

Provision of Training

Training involves both online and in person guidance to Dentists and Nurses to enable the practice to get the necessary skills to fully utilise the benefits of a digital scanner, along with ongoing support.


Benefits of Digital

Digital technology gives us the opportunity to work closer with our clients and deliver the best service. Our support team are available around the clock and can be reached by phone, in app chat or through our portal. Although we appreciate that the technology is not there on all procedures it is clear now that Digital dentistry delivers.

Greater Accuracy

Digital impressions offer greater accuracy as nothing is left open to interpretation. Clinician and technician can communicate online to review cases real-time along with case photos and instruction received through our on-line lab software portal Labnext.

Quicker Turnaround

Digital impressions are received in the lab immediately allowing us to review and saving valuable postage time. This enables us to be more efficient in our manufacturing process and create shorter lead times for your restorations.

Less Time In The Chair

An intraoral scan will save time over conventional analogue impressions. Less chair time improves the overall patient experience and allows you, the dentist, the opportunity to increase chair time utilisation.

Better Patient Experience

The patient is the winner as digital impressions provide a much more pleasant patient journey without the claustrophobic experience of analog impressions. Many patients are now actively seeking out digital practices. A happy patient is a happy dentist!

Digital Workflow


Receipt of Scan


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